Tree Collection

At HSK we are dedicated to the highest quality growing services and delivery of the highest quality products for all our clients. Our nursery in Cahir, Co. Tipperary spans over 30 hectares and is based in the “The Golden Vale” which is renowned for its rich and fertile soil. We offer a vast range of specimens and sizes for sale and all our trees are available in a range of sizes up to 85cm. Larger specimens can be sourced on request. Stock can be supplied as follows (Depending on variety / size chosen):

  • Bareroot
  • Container Grown 
  • Air Pot
  • Rootballed

From the moment we plant right through to growth, delivery and aftercare our experienced team are on-hand and ready to assist you for any project, from a large corporate contract to helping a homeowner make the right choice in choosing a signature tree that will transform their garden in to the home they have always dreamed of.

  • Pat-with-acer-Griseum-Close-up-109x109
  • Fagus-Sylvatica-CS-20-25cm-25-30cm-109x109
  • Clipped-Box-and-Oaks-109x109
  • Buxux-sempeveriens-topairy-109x109
  • Buxus-Balls-109x109
  • Acer-dissectuem-Atropurpurea-specimen-2-109x109
  • 7_-Pennisetum-alopecuroides-109x109
  • 3_-Betula-nigra-109x109
  • 1_-Acer-palmatum-Sango-Kaku-Cover-109x109
  • Tilia-andLime-Trees-cg-109x109
  • Tilia-pallida-Clipped-Box-Head--e1423260665729-109x109